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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Evie Networks


    Australian Capital Territory
    New South Wales
    Northern Territory
    South Australia
    Western Australia

    ARENA Program

    Future Fuels Fund (Round 1)

  • Start date

    1 June 2021

    End date

    31 October 2023

  • Project Partners
    ActewAGL (ACT only)


The Evie Networks Future Fuels Public Fast Charging project working with project partners Tritium and ActewAGL (ACT), will deliver 158 fast charging stations across eight regions in Australia.


The Evie Networks Future Fuels Public Fast Charging project acknowledges that Australian electric vehicle (EV) industry is in the early stages of development. In cities and regional centres, charging blackspots (areas that do not have convenient access to public fast-charging stations) are an issue. Expanding the charging network will reduce barriers to uptake and support the growing number of Australian businesses and individuals that want to purchase an EV.


This project will increase the availability of public fast-charging infrastructure to reduce blackspots and provide convenient recharging options for Australians. Evie Networks will install a network of 158 public fast-charging stations across Australia. Each station will provide at least two designated parking spots for EV charging and will have a capacity of at least 100 kW.


This project aims to:

  1. address barriers to the adoption of EVs by increasing the number of public fast charging stations
  2. reduce emissions by ensuring all sites are powered by renewable energy
  3. improve understanding of how consumers use public fast charging stations.

Additional impact

Improved understanding and knowledge sharing on EV public fast charging, including:

  1. grow the body of evidence to understand the impact of public fast charging on the grid
  2. better understand the appropriateness of existing tariffs to EV charging use-cases
  3. better understand the relationship between EV uptake, utilisation and charger congestion.

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Evie website

Last updated 10 August 2022


EV charging network receives $24 million boost

Hundreds of new EV charging stations will be built around the country.

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