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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Infigen Energy


    Mount Gambier, South Australia

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start date

    9 July 2018

    End date

    30 May 2023

  • Project Partners


The Lake Bonney Battery Energy Storage System project involves the installation, testing and commercial operation of a 25MW / 52MWh Tesla battery energy storage system that will be co-located with the existing 278.5MW Lake Bonney wind farm in South Australia.

The battery will provide new dispatchable generation in South Australia to help meet peak demand, as well as critical system balancing services (known as frequency controlled ancillary services). In doing so, the battery will place downward pressure on electricity prices, improve power quality and system security.

How the project works

The Lake Bonney Battery Energy Storage System project appointed Tesla as the EPC contractor and will be supported by Consolidated Power Project (CPP) for installation and balance of plant in two stages with the first stage (25 MW / 33 MWh) expected to be commissioned by March 2019 and the second stage (25 MW / 52 MWh) by May 2019. Infigen will own and operate the battery, which will be connected to the National Electricity Market via the Mayurra substation.

Area of innovation

The Lake Bonney Battery project will deliver flexible capacity and system security services to the South Australian electricity system. The co-location of a battery with a wind farm provides an opportunity for Infigen to improve its frequency control ancillary services causer pays outcomes, and pursue regulatory changes that could improve revenue outcomes for large-scale batteries. In particular, Infigen is seeking to address barriers for accessing two new revenue streams, including:

  1. Fast response duties, and
  2. Reducing curtailment of wind generation resulting from AEMO’s system strength constraints in South Australia.


Infigen plans to use the battery to support the growth of its emerging retail business, which services commercial and industrial customers. In doing so, the battery will introduce more competition in both the wholesale and retail markets in South Australia.

The project will also provide additional system security services to help improve the resilience of the South Australian power system.

Last updated 13 September 2022


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