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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    MSM Milling


    Manildra, New South Wales

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables

  • Start Date

    January 2018



  • Project Partners
    Ndevr Environmental


The MSM Milling Biomass Fuel Switch project involves replacing current LPG fuelled boilers with a 5 MW biomass fuelled boiler using locally sourced timber residue as a fuel source.

The installation of the new biomass boiler will displace several smaller existing LPG boilers and save around 4,000tCO2-e per annum and over 80,000tCO2-e for the project life. The project will produce 7,147kg/h of steam output at full capacity, to be used in milling and processing operations. The increased capacity to produce steam at a lower cost with a renewable resource will ensure the business can expand its operation without the risk of exposure to volatile LPG price fluctuations.

Area of innovation

The MSM Milling Biomass Fuel Switch Project features areas of innovation that include:

  • The integration of a biomass-fuelled boiler into a large scale agricultural processing facility
  • The use of bioenergy options in the food processing industry.


The benefits of this project will:

  • Reduce greenhouse emissions from 1,133 to 23.47 kg Co2-eq, a reduction in fossil depletion from 401.3 to 7.15E-03 kg oil-eq and a reduction in fossil fuel energy use from 16,801 to 0.2994 MJ
  • Help create alternative value streams out of materials that were once considered waste.

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Last updated 17 January 2020


Biomass starts to heat up down under

Oilseed processing company MSM Milling today cut the ribbon on a new biomass boiler, which has begun powering their Manildra manufacturing plant.

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Canola plant embraces bioenergy

Wood waste leftover from the local timber industry will soon power MSM Milling’s canola processing facility in Manildra, NSW.

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