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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation



    New South Wales

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables

  • Start Date

    October 2017



  • Project Partners


The small Australian biotechnology company Microbiogen is aiming to breed a strain of yeast that will produce a more efficient and economical form of bio-fuel from non-food sources and aim to transform the global ethanol industry.

Microbiogen has partnered with one of the world’s largest industrial biotechnology organisations to apply its unique breeding processes and traits on genetically modified yeast. This will in turn cause the production of bioethanol from plant waste cheaper and more efficient by speeding up the process of fermentation.

Project innovation

This project successfully optimises and deploys the world’s most efficient and high yielding organism for the production of biofuels from non‐food sources.


The project will reduce the cost of producing biofuels from non-food sources through the optimisation of yeast strains that can more efficiently convert sugars to bioethanol. In this way, MBG will advance the commercial development of renewable energy and enabling technologies (e.g., Biofuels). By extension, more biofuel availability means renewables at a lower cost.

One of the key issues for the deployment of plant based biofuels globally and in Australia is the relatively inefficient biocatalysts available to produce biofuels. The MBG project will help drive forward the technology innovation chain with respect to biofuels from biomass.

Last updated 21 June 2019
Last updated
21 June 2019


This tiny organism could soon make a big difference to how you fuel your car

A small Australian biotechnology company is hoping to transform the global ethanol industry with a new strain of yeast that promises to produce a more efficient and economical form of bio-fuel from non-food sources.

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