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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    ElectraNet Pty Limited


    Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start Date

    August 2017



  • Project Partners
    AGL (as Greentricity Pty Limited), Advisian Pty Ltd


The ESCRI battery is a 30 MW / 8 MWh large-scale grid-connected battery at the Dalrymple substation, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.


South Australia has the highest proportion of renewable energy generated by wind and solar in Australia. As these are variable sources, the impact becomes more pronounced as proportion of synchronous generation decreases. Careful integration between elements within the network is required to ensure stable and reliable power is delivered to consumers under all conditions.


The Energy Storage for Commercial Renewable Integration (ESCRI) Phase 2 project aims to provide storage to support renewable generation and provide fast frequency response to help stabilise the grid. The battery aims to demonstrate how energy storage can support the grid while simultaneously providing competitive market services.

The battery will also work with the 90 MW Wattle Point Wind Farm, and local rooftop solar, to provide contingency power to the households and businesses on the lower Yorke Peninsula.

Transmission provider ElectraNet has developed and owns the ESCRI battery, which was built next to, and connected to their Dalrymple substation. AGL operates the battery under a long term lease agreement.


The Energy Storage for Commercial Renewable Integration (ESCRI) Phase 2 project is one of the first large-scale grid-connected batteries to be designed, built and commercially operated in Australia, largely with private investment from energy providers. The ESCRI battery aims to complement South Australia’s other batteries and reinforce Australia’s role as a leader in large-scale battery technology.

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 ESCRI website

Last updated 15 April 2021


ElectraNet's South Australian battery shows the way forward

The performance of one of Australia’s first big batteries has exceeded expectations, blazing a trail for large-scale storage across the National Electricity Market.

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How are big batteries helping to transition to renewables?

Massive batteries are helping to keep the grid stable as more renewable generation comes online.

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New big battery to secure South Australia power supplies

South Australia’s energy network has been bolstered by the addition of the grid-scale ESCRI battery, which has celebrated its official connection to the National Energy Market.

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A big new battery for South Australia

South Australia will get a second large-scale battery, designed to boost security of the electricity grid and expected to help limit skyrocketing power bills, under a funding deal to establish Australia as a leader in the technology.

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A Tesla battery for South Australia

In more than one way this was big. It was very large news in South Australia when CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, announced that, in partnership with the SA Government and neoen, the Hornsdale wind farm would be home to a new Tesla battery system.

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