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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Relectrify Holdings


    Melbourne, Victoria

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start date

    21 December 2020

    End date

    29 March 2024

  • Project Partners


The Relectrify Second-Life Battery Trial will develop and demonstrate a second-life battery product which showcases Relectrify’s advanced Battery Management System and inverter solution (BMS+Inverter).


The Relectrify Second-Life Battery Trial acknowledges that battery storage is expected to play a crucial role in supporting the transition to renewable energy. Despite this, battery storage is generally not yet commercially viable. Cost reductions are required to close the commercialisation gap and ensure that firming of variable renewable energy generators can be cost effective.

Second-life batteries have significant potential to drive cost reductions. The BMS+Inverter technology used in this project will provide a potential pathway to use second-life batteries and transform them into a valuable asset.


Relectrify will develop a 36kW / 120kWh modular battery product, which uses second-life Nissan Leaf battery packs. The product will then undergo certification testing and Relectrify will manufacture and sell 20 units. Sales will target utility, commercial and industrial customer applications.


Energy storage plays a number of key roles in supporting renewable energy integration, including in providing outage support and in shifting variable renewable energy generation into more valuable evening peak pricing periods, improving its value and in doing so improving competitiveness. Specifically, this project will:

  • reduce barriers for customers procuring second-life battery products by exploring how customer concerns and needs can be addressed
  • increase knowledge of second-life battery costs, applications and value proposition for customers
  • reduce the cost of battery storage products through using second-life batteries and the BMS+Inverter technology.
Last updated 09 December 2022


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